Floor Impressions Mats

Floor Impressions Mats


Advertise Your Business in Heavy Traffic Areas with Floor Impressions Mats

  • Simple to clean and maintain premium-quality appearance.
  • Different sizes are available for big and small facilities.
  • Modern digital HD printing on floor mats delivers professional-level graphics.
  • Customization caters to your advertising needs and strategies.
  • Different colors to match existing interior decor.

High-Quality Floor Mats are Durable and Customizable

Mats are increasingly becoming popular residential and commercial facility decor items. Along with facilitating durable and efficient floor maintenance, floor mats are well-suited for conveying advertisements that promote your store or commercial enterprise. Our customizable mats present clean images that aid in brand recognition at facility entryways and floor sections that receive heavy foot traffic.

The surface, borders, and backing of our advertising floor mats integrate a 3/16-inch thick nitrile rubber that is durable enough to hold up favorably after long periods of high-traffic use. The vinyl logo material is highly weather-resistant and can withstand years of use without fading. Durability guarantees long-term service, which reduces your overall expenses.

Digital printing on the floor mats delivers photographic-quality images with consistent color and clarity. These high-end graphics easily capture the attention of passersby. The superior mats impart a professional ambiance to your space and target your audience with messages to uplift your brand.

Portrait and landscape mats of different sizes are available as per your flooring setup and advertisement budget. Choose from a wide range of colors to match your facility's interior decor. Customize existing templates, design online, or upload your own logo or brand artwork for completely personalized floor mats. Customization allows your business to set up creative and strategic mat displays.

Personalized Floor Mats are Portable and Simple to Maintain

Printed floor mats feature a lightweight build and design that allows for easy repositioning as per your business's needs. You can conveniently move the portable advertising mats to floor sections that receive higher traffic to communicate to a larger audience. Portability allows for easy and strategic relocation, which facilitates a reliable return on investment via sales conversion.

The advertising floor mats wash with water and disinfectants, allowing for simple cleaning and maintenance. They resist dirt and stains to maintain a professional look and feel for your customers. Save on time and overall expenses for hiring additional labor and cleaning accessories with our easy-to-clean mats.

Get Discounts for Bulk Floor Mats Orders

We offer discounts for bulk orders from 2 to over 500 floor mats to cater to different budgets, facility sizes, and display strategies. Facilities with multiple floor sections may find it convenient and cost-efficient to set up at different locations to reach more people. Bulk purchases result in significantly reduced overhead expenses to your business in the long term.

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