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Cloth / Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are gaining lot of popularity over vinyl banners, especially for indoor uses..
  • Plastic Satin Material
  • Excellent for indoor events and churches
  • Get the seamless product up to 5ft width or height
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Cloth / Fabric Banners

Material:Processed cloth banner (Plastic Satin material)

Weight:160 GSM

Color:White front / White Back.

Printing:Full color eco-solvent printing at 1440dpi.

Note: Processed cloth material feels more like plastic and can not be washed.

Custom Fabric Banners With Our Cloth Banner Printing

Custom fabric banners are excellent alternatives to the vinyl banners. They are very popular for events, indoor signage, churches and gyms. Businesses that travel to trade shows love them because they are light enough to throw into a suitcase and easily travel and move wherever they would be suited best. Lightweight in nature, they will not weigh down luggage, whereas vinyl banners can. Cloth banners are typically used indoors to highlight the colors of the sign. However, too much sunlight exposure can cause the colors of the cloth banners to fade away over time.

We Offer the Following Material Option for Custom Fabric Banners:

Processed cloth banner printing (plastic satin material used as default)

We offer fabric poster printing for standing options as well as banner hanging systems. The processed cloth material that we use for our fabric banners and custom fabric banners is made from plastic and PVC and feels a little different from normal cloth. Due to their matte finish, color vibrancy, and light weight, they are very desirable for large sizes.

Each of our cloth banners are printed with eco-solvent technology to ensure color accuracy and durability. This is how we are able to guarantee that these prints will be an effective marketing tool for many years to come without fading out.

Attractive Fabric Banners for the Home or Office

Fabric banners are an easy way to make a room feel warm and welcoming. Instead of making people feel they are constantly hearing promotions, they can enter a facility and just relax with colleagues. Sometimes, people will order a custom fabric banner to create a custom sign for their homes. Displayed in the family room or "man cave," fabric banners can be an ideal wall decoration.

BannerBuzz has staff members available all the time to guide you through our online design tool or to answer any questions regarding the fabric banner printing process. We are committed to providing excellent service and an exceptional product.

Ask about Cloth / Fabric Banners and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Cloth / Fabric Banners

Q: Can any of your fabric banners be printed on both sides?

A: Dear Customer We are sorry but we do not print cloth/fabric banner double side.

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Q: Seems I'm allowed up to 20 feet, would like to do a banner that is 20 wide and 15 high, how do I display the banner? What method?

A: 8'x10' is the largest the Cloth/Fabric Banners come. You can order the Mesh Banners in the size you are looking for. Thank you for your question.

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Q: what is the difference between the processed fabric and the polyester fabric. Can either of them be folded for transport?

A: Processed cloth fabrics have a more natural feeling than polyester ones. The polyester fabrics are more wrinkle resistant than the processed cloth fabrics. Processed fabrics are always synthetic but polyesters can be producing by natural ingredients also. One of the major ingredients is the cutin obtained from the plant cuticles. Both the banners can be folded without wrinkles on it and can be tranposted.

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Q: Do you have a way to copy a hand made (drawn design) material/flag. My sons scout den made a flag at camp and I wanted to make duplicates of it.

A: Good Morning Jill: Thank you for contacting us. Right now our suggestion would be for you to go to and download your drawing/artwork to them. Once they receive it, they will let you know if it came through with good resolution. If the drawing is drawn in pencil, you could make a copy of the original drawing, go over the drawing yourself with a marker or colored pencil to make it look darker. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any further problems. Thank you, Vonda

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