Retailers Used Eye-Catching Banners to Drive Foot Traffic During The Holidays

Banners drove additional foot traffic to businesses during the end of the holiday shopping season.

The holiday season may be behind us, but it is important to have a strong marketing presence year-round. Today’s consumers are constantly researching and comparing prices, so staying in the loop with eye-catching banner will help prospective shoppers keep your business in mind.

Advertising Promotional Vinyl  Banners

This year, the stakes were higher than usual for retail shops and small businesses across the United States to find the perfect gift. Americans had one less week to drive sales and the intersection of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving made each shopping opportunity extremely crucial. With this in mind, many of these stores decorated their windows with competitive sale announcements, hoping to attract more people into their stores than in seasons past.

In fact, some companies decided to utilize digital marketing tools to supplement their traditional advertising efforts, but in some cases, efforts may not be as effective. For example, email marketing is one of the newer ways to attract regular and new customers, but when the volume of such email increased by 7.4 percent this year, it is more likely that shoppers avoided their inboxes due to the amount of mail they had to go through.

Instead of relying on these newer marketing efforts, stores in malls and shopping plazas had the chance to attract customers with custom banners that promoted special offers. In some cases, time-sensitive sales drove people coming inside. CNBC reported that due to the fact that many stores had banners advertising 50 percent off, some retailers cut their prices down by 60, even 70 percent.

“They’re going to gamble,” Chairman of America’s Research Group Britt Beemer told the news source. “They’re going to try to keep margins intact as best they can.”

Why banners are one of the most effective ways to communicate with a business’ client base? Instead of telling one person at a time that the shop will be closed for the holidays or that a new line of products will be released, business should just hang up a vinyl banner in a highly visible intersection or storefront.

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