Great Sign and Banner Fails, Part One

Be sure your signs and banners say what you want them to say!






Fortunately, we can learn from the mistakes of others!

One of
the most common
reasons for
sign fails is in
the copy layout.


You have good copy, right? And it all makes sense on paper, right? Remember, though, that how the copy is laid out on your banner or sign is VERY important!


Take a look at the examples below.



Do Not Stop Signs


Yummy Children

Image credits:
anditstonedme via

Okay, so you have two thoughts you want to get across. Be sure they’re in the right order! And watch that layout. Read your ENTIRE sign as a sentence before finalizing your design.


Double Trouble


There’s really just no excuse for this one.


Dare not to dream



Your banners and displays should go viral for the right reasons!

For more fun sign and banner fails, check this link from Blazepress!

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