Floor Signs – To Step Or Not?

Businesses these days have become so competitive that marketing them to the right audience and catering their needs becomes essential. Just as they rightly say ‘Rome was not built in a day’, building your brand name takes a long time. Sometimes all it takes is your creativity to grab that attention from your customers. Floor signs could be one option not many people consider but can be a good move towards spreading your brand name.

Floor signs come in various different shapes, sizes and color. These signs being a type of decal are a one-time application. They come with easy to use adhesive back for peel and stick application as far as the surface is clean and flat. They are built to last long and can withstand numerous footsteps and floor carts rolling over them. They can be placed in areas where there are high ratios of pedestrians. Hence can be ideal for putting up in malls, supermarkets, sidewalks or even bicycle lanes. A tactfully designed sign can grab a lot of attention and builds your brand. Since most of them would be placed indoors, the fading of color or chances of them peeling off becomes thin.

Floor Decal SignsFloor sign can be used for informational purpose as well. Navigating to a stall in a trade show or flea market; directing more customers to a shop in a mall or an office in a business park can be easily done using floor signs.  Say there are certain areas in outdoor spaces where water gets clogged after rains. One can easily put up an alert sign to warn passersby using floor signs. In fact these are widely used in industrial applications for placing warnings on the production floor.

These signs could be 2D or even 3D. At times creating optical illusions by making a 3D sign can grab the most attention by generating curiosity and tickling the human brain. Playing with different colors can be fun too while designing a floor decal. Of course that is a part of the marketing gimmick but at the same time, one needs to ensure that the floor dirt does not spoil the game. So choosing the right color that suits your need is necessary. For example, floor decals with light shades of color as background are more prone to exposing dirt. Also keep in mind the surface color where it is being placed so that it does not camouflage with the surrounding.

Looking to the various applications and ease of use with minimal cost and no extra space, floor signs can steal the deal in building brand value with convenience.

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