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Choosing the Right Banner for Your Advertisement

Have you ever had a time deciding what to buy … whether you are shopping for groceries or apparel? Knowing what you need is the key. With the huge variety of banners available in the market, figuring out which one best suits your application and priority is often a tough call to make. Let’s define a few options that are available and then compare them.

  • Define/Identify Your Application: Do you need your banner for a trade show or an emerging business, a cool college project or an announcement for a church? The application could be outdoor or indoor. Will a single-sided banner suffice or could you get twice as much exposure from a double-sided banner?Choices for material  includeVinyl, Mesh, Backlit, Canvas, Fabric and more. Most of them come with grommets. Hem and hardware can be eventually added, given the need. The type of stand is also an important consideration. Options include the X banner stand, adjustable, retractable, roll-up, and more.
  • Decide on the Specs: The normal range for vinyl banner weights runs from 9 to 15oz.The 9-oz. weight is used in indoor and/or short term applications, while 15-oz. weight is designed for outdoor use, because it will last longer.Mesh banners have holes in them for the air to pass through. Most mesh banners have holes in the ratio of 60/40 or 70/30. The first number is the percentage of banner real estate available for printing, while the second number is the amount of space taken up by the holes. The 70/30 ratio is better if you want to preserve the detail of your banner. The 60/40 ratio is a good choice if the banner will be hung in a windy location or if you prefer more of a see-through look.
  • More Options to Consider:Now that you know about the physical properties,you can choose options to maximize the benefit from your buy. A mesh banner is used in windy weather conditions, whereas a backlit banner, as the name suggests, can maximize your advertisement at nighttime, being a white-back banner. Though most vinyl banners are weather-resistant, you can also opt for lamination if you need longer duration. Canvas or fabric banners or table throws are good examples of indoor types.
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