Billboards May Be Old School, but They’re Still Effective

Businesses that want to consider a billboard has to consider many variables in advance

Whenever a person drives by a billboard on the highway, they always notice when the signage is changed because the driver reads the large, custom banner every day. After reading the same billboard day in and day out, they may try to avoid making eye contact with the billboard, but they can’t.

Based on the colors, message and graphics on the billboard, it can be harder to look away. Despite the rise of the internet and the ads that go along with it, billboards are still a $4.2 billion industry, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Billboard Printing

Billboard Printing

Even with additional places to post marketing tools outside, billboards still dominate more than half the outdoor advertising market. Businesses cannot deny their potential reach and marketers are going to continue to sell these valuable spaces.

Billboards may appear like a simple marketing tool to use, but they require a strategy just like any other marketing campaign. Depending on the business’ goals for the billboard, designers will have to consider the following:

Message – What does the business want to convey? Is it a specific sale, event or slogan?

Text – Billboards should have no more than 15 words, so choose wisely.

Graphics – Will images be used as a supplement to the billboard or are they a primary focus?

Contact – Will the billboard feature the business’ address, phone number, website or social media outlets? Though it would be nice to include all of these forms of contact, it can be overwhelming to the driver on the highway.

Billboard Printing are expecting to continue gain the attention of the public because in 2012, billboards actually surpassed historic profits, making $6.6 billion. It is hard to deny the potential to reach a broad or targeted audience along a popular interstate or intersection when these products continue to helps draw in new clients.

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