Outdoor Advertising Vinyl Banners Continues To Reign

Large billboards are still capable of grabbing a person’s attention, but creating an impactful advertisement can be difficult

Billboards continue to be one of the most visible ways a business can share a message with an audience, but thinking of creative ways to do so can be difficult, Creative Bloq explains. When an advertisement is well executed, companies are more likely to make a lasting impression than those that did not utilize as much thought.

“Thinking of new and innovative ways to use them to grab the attention and imagination of their target audience” is the hardest aspect of designing a billboard or any banner, in fact. Consumers will give a display a few seconds of their attention and move on with their day.

Regardless of marketing on the internet and television, this traditional medium is still used by large companies like Apple, McDonalds and BMW. Here are some techniques that worked, landing them a spot on Creative Bloq’s “brilliant examples of billboard advertising.”


This method automatically adds depth to graphics and text on a billboard. When billboards look like they are extended beyond the advertisement, people are more likely to do a double-take. Koleston Naturals, a hair color retailer, had the shape of the model’s hair cut out, so during the day and night; the woman’s hair color greatly differed.


Though this is a typical component to billboard outdoor vinyl banner printing, how they are displayed can reinforce shadows or showcase specific items. Using specific hues can greatly impact if the billboard will be visible for readers to see from far distances—ultimately putting the large marketing tool at risk.

Because of the size of these billboards, consider reaching out to a custom printing services provider who has an in-house design team to help organizations develop an effective strategy.

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