Place Your Best Foot Forward With Custom Vinyl Lettering

Custom vinyl lettering can show customers a different side of the business, possibly leaving a lasting impression.

During the early days of the United States, when many businesses were just learning about the potential of advertising, there were not many printing agencies out there to make custom banners. Instead, some of them would have to apply for privilege signs to market their mom-and-pop storefront along with the sponsor that provided the signage.

Vinyl Lattering

Vinyl Lettering

Many might not know what a privilege sign is, but they immediately recognize them when they walk by.

Brad Roop, a collections associate at the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas explained the phrase to the New York Times.

“It took off in the 1930s, especially advertising in small, local grocery stores and convenience stores,” Roop said.

During the Great Depression, only a few corporations like Coca-Cola were able to afford to make these elaborate banners that appeared in red, white and green colors. Businesses were able to shift the letters on the display around to promote their own special sales and messages as long as the iconic soda logo remained visible. Competitors like Pepsi and 7-Up began similar advertising plans.

Wall Lattering

Wall Lettering

Privilege signs are out, custom vinyl lettering is in

Nowadays, privilege signs are a thing of “the old days” because technology has made it easier for businesses to create custom vinyl lettering that tailors their own graphics and color schemes. Businesses have the opportunity to show onlookers and visitors their creative side, even impressing guests from the moment they walk into your organization.

Using this advertising tool is easier than other products because many printing providers already pre-space each order with self-adhesive. Custom vinyl lettering has the flexibility to personalize any room, office or building because the plastic resin can withstand many weather conditions and will easily stick on to metal, wood, glass, plastic or steel.

These unique, custom vinyl lettering displays will surely grab a customer’s attention faster than any privilege sign once did.

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