Avoid the Parking Scam by Implementing New and Easy to Decipher Signs!

It was recently that I was at Los Angeles and got a parking ticket. That doesn’t sounds any gibberish or novel. Well the sign said “No Parking 7AM to 2AM”. For a human mind while driving and finding a parking spot simultaneously it is not possible to process all the information accurately given the narrow time frame a person drives by.  I almost read it as 2PM instead of AM and there I was gone for about half an hour and I received a hefty parking ticket. Its just one of the many big city problems. Sometimes I wonder if this is even a scam to collect more money from people by making the parking sign so confusing. Technically in my situation if you see they could have just wrote “No Parking anytime”! Instead they made it more confusing by saying No Parking 7AM to 2AM. That’s just makes parking available for the weird hours of the day 2:01AM to 6:59AM to be precise.

Only if there was a better way to have  custom parking signs that the human brain can process at a faster pace. I am sure the city police might not be happy with the extra money floating around but its just a little less burden to the common man’s pocket. What visuals do for our brain is way more than what wordings can explain. Thanks to designer Nikki Sylientang of Brooklyn, New York who probably had the same experience as me while on a trip to LA, who eventually decided to ease the pain and come up with a new template to aide parking. Of course this still isn’t the best solution to the problem but at least it makes more sense.

Parking Signs

Picture: Courtesy Gizmag.com

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Looks like in the meanwhile they are just collecting money for employing a whole bunch of new parking signs in the area! Happy Signing 🙂

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