XL QLA Deluxe Message Board White

XL QLA Deluxe Message Board White


The most efficient and simple promotional option

  • Easy portability, thanks to a sturdy frame and attached wheels
  • No complicated assembly required
  • These outdoor signs are durable and weather-resistant, so that you never have to worry about rusting signs and fading letters

Need an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your brand that pays for itself many times over? With our versatile A-frame signs, now you can cater to your local clients in a simple yet elegant way without bothering without the expenses related to commercials or flyers. The minimalist white finish on these sidewalk signs catches the eyes of possible future customers from afar and makes messages more prominent and easily visible. Choose letters, numbers, currency symbols and punctuation markers, with multiple pieces of each in two colors, to show your customers what your brand represents. With a durable coating, our changeable letter signs can withstand the roughest of weather. These white XL QLA Deluxe Message Board A-frame signs can have a variety of uses, such as:

  • Advertisement signs or decoration for establishments like salons and cafes
  • Use by carnivals and fairs for advertisement or decorative purposes
  • Restaurant signs for menus, special discounts or offerings
  • Job advertisements for any physical establishment
  • Personal use for decoration and advertisement for property sale or garage sales

Order our XL QLA Deluxe Message Board White outdoor signs now to firmly implant your brand’s presence in the minds of your customers and the neighborhood at large!