Silverstep 60'' Retractable Banner Stand


Our Retractable Banner is Made of High-Quality Aluminum & has a Unique Design.

Want to stand out in the crowd and capture the attention of anyone who passes by? Our silverstep 60” retractable banner stands are just the solution for you. Its unique design and appearance will get you attention and customers. This is ideal for trade events, shopping malls, retail outlets and other commercial complexes.

The stand of our silver 60” retractable banner stand has a retractable base with two end caps. The banner is attached by a clamp bar or Velcro. It also includes telescopic poles which support the banner when it is on display. The frame is durable and made from premium quality aluminium. This is easy to set up or retract and pack.

Our retractable banner stand’s templates are available in three different sizes which are as follows :-( W x H) 60” x 69”, 60” x 80”, 60” x 90”. The stand by itself weighs 24 lbs. The graphic weight of the stand with its template of 69” and 80” height is 39 lbs. The stand and banner of 90” height weighs 42 lbs. Select the size which fits best for your brand or for the display area available.

You can choose the banner material as per your suitability. We can make the banner from either vinyl or fabric. Vinyl is durable and weather resistant whereas fabric can give you more flexibility and is more cost effective. For graphic designs we have a range of templates for you to pick from or you can upload your designs.

Smart Silverstep Travel Bag is Included with Our Banner Stand

Our retractable banner comes with a smart silverstep travel bag. The dimensions of the travel bag are 51” x 12” x 4”. It makes it convenient for you to safely transport your stand from one venue to the other or for storage.

You can also order one or two silver lights of 50W with our retractable banner. These will help in highlighting the graphics with their brightness and attract attention and customers.

Discount on Bulk Orders of our Retractable Stands

Special discount on bulk orders of our banner stands. Order any number of our stands and enjoy our bulk quantity discounts. Buy more to increase business and also save money on ad spend.