Rolling Springer Message Board XL White

Rolling Springer Message Board XL White


Business messaging made simple

  • Ideal for large capacity outdoor events
  • Easy letter changeover
  • Extra-large size for greater visibility

The Rolling Springer White Message Board is your go-to signboard for stores and businesses if you're looking to increase visibility and boost promotion. With its extra-large size, the outdoor signs are easy to catch, with the rollers ensuring the frame signs are easily moveable. Place them anywhere in the proximity of your business and bask in the returns they generate. The Rolling Sandwich board signs are perfect for outdoor events, both commercial or residential. They're suited for a variety of use cases, including:

  • As restaurant signs where you want to display discounts
  • Book stores
  • Sidewalks
  • To display any information for private functions
  • Instructions during college fests

The changeable letters make the Rolling Springer Message board easily customizable. Deploy multiple catchlines and phrases on this message board sign for separate promotions. A perfect combination of style and strong visual impression, these sidewalk signs yield to no alternate option.