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QLA Roadside Message Board
  • QLA Roadside Message Board
  • QLA Roadside Message Board
  • QLA Roadside Message Board
  • QLA Roadside Message Board
  • QLA Roadside Message Board

QLA Roadside Message Board


Enjoy versatility, portability and easy assembly, and a lot more

  • Large size frame useful for displaying more information in outdoor spaces
  • Sturdy frame signs with plastic frame to withstand strong winds
  • Easy portability with integrated wheels

The QLA Roadside sandwich board signs are an effective way of attracting customers to your business. These restaurant signs offer versatility, portability and easy assembly. The kit features integrated wheels and a contemporary design to carve a niche for your product in the market. The wheels can be used to gently move the frame and offer easy mobility. These sandwich board signs are good for commercial settings and hold up well in outdoor areas. QLA Roadside Deluxe Message Boards can be used for:

  • Indicate Store Directions
  • Highlight Special Deals and discounts
  • Storefront Signage

QLA Roadside message boards are also an easy way to display messages. The sturdy plastic adds to the frame's durability, while the sidewalk signs feature tall changeable letter signs and numbers. The signs can be changed easily as many times as you want. These signs make a distinct appeal and attract shoppers, tourists or pedestrians to your store especially during discount hours. The frame can be easily attached to the legs and move as per your wish. So get one attractive roadside message board for your product now.

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