QLA Roadside Message Board

QLA Roadside Message Board

  • Made with plastic material for outdoor use.
  • Includes QLA sign holder frame and letter kit.
  • Comes with a bigger display and frame size.
  • Available with a bulk quantity discount.

QLA Message Board Crafted from High-Quality Plastic

A unique and effective way to attract customers, the QLA roadside message board is made with premium-grade plastic. While the message board is available in a 4 ft. x 3 ft. size, the frame has a dimension of 48” x 60”. A great tool for promoting sidewalk advertisements, the message board is weather-resistant to endure changing climatic conditions.

Available with easy-to-integrate wheels for portability, the QLA message board can be easily assembled by attaching the sign to the base. Uniquely created to display your message or graphics in style, the message boards are a perfect combination of strength and durability.

Ideal for sidewalk advertising, the quick load A-frame message board includes manufacture customized panels with your desired artwork and message. Suitable for outdoor use, the message board weighs around 60 lbs.

A great way to inform shoppers and pedestrians about your daily offers, the QLA message boards are just a few clicks away. Available at a reasonable price, the message board can be ordered with ‘Priority’ shipping on checkout for fast delivery.

Quick Load A-Frame Message Board Available With a Letter Kit

Available with a rustproof sidewalk sign stand, the QLA message board comes with a letter kit containing alphabets, symbols, and numbers. While the alphabets are black in color, the numbers and symbols come in the red shade.

Packed with multiple quantities of each letter of 5” height, they can be easily attached to the board by sliding in. Sturdy and long-lasting, the message boards are available with free shipping on orders over $99.

QLA Roadside Message Board with Heavy Discount on Bulk Orders

Made with care and precision to market your brand, the roadside message board comes with a bulk order discount. The more message boards you order at once, the lower they will cost you overall. Hence, try to purchase as many boards as possible in one go to get the best price. Buy now!