QLA Message Board White

QLA Message Board White


Eye-catching, effective and ideal for outdoors

  • Ideal for stores which require multiple messages in a day
  • Can be used outdoors, in a commercial or residential setting
  • Letter changeover is easy

The QLA Message Board or sidewalk signs are an excellent option for store and business owners who want to attract passer-bys. Make your brand more visible with the message board with regular and quirky catchlines that you can change throughout the day. Deals and discounts which may change on a daily basis can ideally be displayed through this sandwich board sign. These outdoor signs can also be used as:

  • Restaurant signs
  • Boutique signs
  • For information during a sale
  • Signboards during fests

The QLA Message Boards are designed to be effective message tools for customers, pedestrians and tourists from a distance. Redefine your outdoor advertisement with their changeable letters. They're a quirky, fun and hassle free way to attract customers and intrigue them from the offset. The message board also holds up well in outdoor conditions and is sturdy and durable enough to be placed at any location of your choice.