OSHA Open Door Slowly Decal (EGR Reflective)

OSHA Open Door Slowly Decal (EGR Reflective)


Maximize Safety Using Open Door Slowly Decals

  • Feature weather-resistant materials.
  • Laminated topcoat for added protection.
  • Chemical and abrasion-resistant.
  • Reflective surfaces provide high-quality finishes.
  • Digital printing process results in high-resolution graphics.

Open Door Slowly Decals Offer Increased Visibility

Business premises usually have various potential hazards. Ensure employees and visitors stay safe and cautious using an approach slowly decals.

These decals feature 3M™ engineer-grade prismatic reflective 3400 series which exceeds reflectivity within the engineer-grade class. You can use these decals in any weather since they are waterproof.

Approach Slowly Decals Have a Laminated Topcoat

With a laminated topcoat, these safety decals are scratch-resistant.

The digitally printed graphics of our 'open door slowly' decals attract the attention of passersby. Their vivid prints are legible from varying distances.

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