OSHA Microwave Frequency Present Aluminum Sign (Reflective)

OSHA Microwave Frequency Present Aluminum Sign (Reflective)


Microwave Warning Signs to Notify of High Microwave Frequency Amounts

  • Feature engineer-grade reflective sheeting for better visibility.
  • Durable aluminum construction for enhanced longevity.
  • Latex printing creates vibrannt graphics.
  • Colorful visuals are attention-grabbing.

Durable Microwave Warning Signs

Protect your staff and visitors from potential health risks associated with exposure to microwave radiation leakage. Our radiation hazard signs serve as essential tools for protecting the health and safety of people in your facility. 

Made from sturdy aluminum, these durable signs are well-suited for outdoor installation.  

Reflective Health Hazard Signs

The radiation hazard signs feature reflective graphics that offer clear visibility and facilitate convenient readability.

Lamination options are available for the health hazard signs for superior durability, simple maintenance, and longevity.

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