High Voltage Overhead Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

High Voltage Overhead Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)


Warn Workers with High Voltage Danger Signs

  • Our overhead signs use durable aluminum that lasts.
  • Signs have a 3M™ prismatic layer for night-time visibility.
  • Digital printing delivers vibrant, sharp designs.
  • Lamination provides an extra layer to repel rain and debris.

High Voltage Danger Signs are Long Lasting

Exposed power lines can cause problems to unsuspecting workers. Post overhead signs to advise workers to watch out for danger from above.

Our voltage danger signs come in solid aluminum sheets. These signs last many years outdoors and hold up well in all weather.

Laminated Overhead Signs Grab Attention

With the 3M™ prismatic layer, others can read the electrical safety signs at night. The radiant designs come printed digitally on metal for clarity and sharpness.

Add lamination to the high voltage danger signs to protect them from water and debris. This ensures your message is legible in any conditions.

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