Fire Pump Room With Symbol Decal (Glow In The Dark)

Fire Pump Room With Symbol Decal (Glow In The Dark)


Use Fire Pump Room Signs to Prevent Fire Hazard

  • The signs comprise sturdy auto glow vinyl.
  • Operate between -20ºC and +60ºC.
  • The natural light green hue offers a vivid radiance.
  • The signs are compliant with and surpass ASTM standard E2072.

Fire Pump Room Signs are Sturdy

To prevent fire hazards, mark the fire pump room in your workspace for easy identification for personnel. Utilize our fire pump room signs to deliver your specific message effectively.

Fire sprinkler signs comprise sturdy auto glow vinyl. The signs are ideal for indoor use and comply with and exceed ASTM standard E2072.

Superior-Quality Fire Sprinkler Signs Have a Long Lifespan

These adhesive signs feature a natural green light tint that glows brightly in the dark. They have a 3-year lifespan.

The fire pump room signs can withstand between -20ºC and +60ºC temperature ranges.

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