Fiber Optic Cable Decal (Non Reflective)

Fiber Optic Cable Decal (Non Reflective)

  • Non reflective design to enhance visibility.
  • Durable and long lasting caution sticker
  • Attractive with latex printed vinyl.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive binds to any surface.

Premium “Fiber Optic Cable” Decal

Now placing a “Fiber Optic Cable” caution sign is almost child’s play. This colourful fibre optic cable decal has a non-reflective design to enhance visibility. It is eye-catching and sure to get noticed by one and all. This decal is latex printed and comes with a kraft paper lining (3MIJ3690) to add up to its finish. It also has a 5 year lamination durability that makes it ideal for indoors and outdoors.

This “Fiber Optic Cable” decal weighs only 100 microns and has a grammage of 130 GSM making it easy to handle. It is also equipped with a pressure sensitive adhesive that helps bind the decal to any surface. Be it sand cast, moderately rough area or low energy surface material, this “Fibre Optic Cable” decal can adhere to any surface. A user-friendly product that combines durability and aesthetics, this decal can withstand temperatures between -500C to +900C making it ideal for all climatic conditions.

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