Danger Flammable Decal (EGR Reflective)

Danger Flammable Decal (EGR Reflective)


Keep Employees Safe and Meet OSHA Guidelines with Danger Flammable Decals

  • Digital printing delivers full vibrant colors.
  • Lamination enhances the durability of the signs.
  • The reflective material gives visibility a boost.
  • Water-resistant vinyl makes the signs long-lasting.
  • Modifications are available for customization.

Vinyl Danger Flammable Signs are Vibrant and Customizable

Safety for your employees, visitors, and customers is a top priority for your business. Having an effective plan in place that covers all the bases of safety procedures is essential. To do that, you need clear markers and signs that indicate protocols. Use our flammable warning signs to remind people about OSHA safety regulations and protect your employees.

The vinyl material gives our decals durability. Vinyl doesn't tear easily, which helps increase the strength of our OSHA danger signs. Resistance to water also protects the signs and prevents damage.

Full-color fidelity from digital printing gives our flammable hazard signs a vibrant finish to attract attention from passersby. Our printing process delivers sharp contrast and graphics with high resolution. The surface is reflective thanks to the 3M engineer grade prismatic reflective material, which makes the signs extremely visible.

Choose from our customization options to create unique danger flammable signs for your business. One option is to laminate the decals for protection against chemicals and abrasions. You can choose the options that fit your budget and business needs when ordering.

Our Long-Lasting Flammable Warning Signs are Easy to Apply

It's easy to apply our flammable hazard signs with the adhesive backing. We use kraft paper liner and a pressure-sensitive adhesive for strong staying power. The adhesive sticks to various surfaces, including materials with low surface energy, sand cast, and moderately rough materials.

The vinyl material resists water to increase the lifespan. Whether you place the decals inside or outside, the OSHA danger signs have a lifespan of 7 years.

Our Danger Flammable Signs are Easy to Order

With multiple shipping options available, ordering your flammable warning signs is easy. You can choose options based on your order delivery timeframe and budget. We have shipping methods for any business size, so you will find choices that suit your needs.

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