Danger Flammable Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

Danger Flammable Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Inform People of Potential Risks with Danger Flammable Aluminum Signs

  • Aluminum base material ensures corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Digital printing technology produces bold and visible graphics.
  • Customize the signs to fit your business requirements.
  • Pre-printed signs are ready to use.
  • Multiple shipping options are available for easy ordering.

Danger Flammable Signs are Premium Built, Durable and Customizable

To prevent unwanted accidents in your business, you need to inform visitors or workers of potential risks. Using proper signage helps to convey the message to people effectively. Our warning flammable signs are easy to label on products that may cause fires. They ensure compliance with safety and reduce any risk of hazardous situations.

A 40-mm thick aluminum base material makes the OSHA danger signs sturdy and durable. They feature a 3M engineer-grade prismatic reflective coating that ensures better daytime and nighttime visibility. The material resists corrosion and holds up against harsh weather to suit outdoor use.

Digital printing used on our danger flammable signs results in high-quality texts and images. The graphics are vibrant and lightfast to ensure maximum visibility from a distance. Workers and visitors can see the sign easily for effective delivery of the message.

You can customize our caution flammable signs to fit the requirements of your business. An option to laminate the signs is available to protect the prints against abrasions, chemical damage, and fading.

Ready-to-Use Warning Flammable Signs Last for Years

The pre-printed message on our OSHA danger signs informs workers and visitors about dangerous and highly flammable products. This makes it easy to use the signs right from the package, saving the costs of customization or additional printing.

We use durable materials to make our danger flammable signs for long time use. They last for up to 7 years for both indoor and outdoor displays. You can use the sign multiple times to reduce replacements costs for a high return on investment.

Danger Flammable Signs are Easy to Order

With various shipping options available, it's easy to select one that meets the budget requirements or delivery timeframe of your business. Choose convenient doorstep delivery and get the caution flammable signs delivered to your home.

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