Caution Biological Hazard Plastic Sign

Caution Biological Hazard Plastic Sign


Warn Employees with Caution Biological Hazard Plastic Sign

  • Made of sturdy 65mil plastic material.
  • Latex printing delivers colorful graphics to capture people’s attention.
  • Adhesive backing offers a strong hold.
  • Lamination extends longevity by 2 years.

Caution Biohazard Signs are Sturdy

If you have hazardous materials on your property, it’s important to clearly label it. Use our health hazard signs to warn employees and visitors about dangerous areas to keep everyone safe.

65mil thick plastic is a strong material that resists tearing. As such, our biological hazard signs withstand harsh conditions.

Health Hazard Signs are High-Quality and Long-Lasting

Full-color, vibrant graphics attract attention to effectively convey the safety warning on our biohazard symbol signs. We use latex printing for the color integrity of the scratch-and-fade-resistant ink.

Lamination covers the surface of our caution biohazard signs in a protective layer and increases the lifespan to 2 years. The pressure-sensitive adhesive applies to various surfaces with a long-lasting hold.

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