How to Choose Your Business Banners Wisely

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. But which one is right for you and your business? There are thousands of marketing tools out there today, and signs and banners for your brick and mortar are an important component in your marketing strategy. But sometimes a simple task like choosing the right type of banner for your business can be a bit tricky. This is something you want to get right because it’s a visual you’re showing to the world, and it’s meant to entice people to walk inside your store, restaurant, salon, or event. Here are a few types of banners and key things you should consider before you make your next signage purchase. 

Business Banners

Know Your City’s Rules and Get Proper Permits 

Before you buy anything, check that you can legally display the sign you want, and where you want to display it. In some cities, a banner hung in a storefront is perfectly ok while a stand-up street sign is not. Make sure you obtain proper permits if need be, especially if you want to put anything on a sidewalk, light post, or anything the city controls. 

Visualize Your Space 

Next, visualize your space. If your business is located on a busy highway, you can go a lot bigger with your banner and you’ll want to use bold colors and graphics that really pop. If you don’t want a large banner, flags are another creative outdoor advertising solution. Flags are also great for being placed along with the exterior directing traffic your way, which is why they’re a popular choice for events. 

If you own a small shop on a narrow street, you’ll want to consider something size appropriate, and that won’t impede foot traffic. Banner Stands, sandwich boards, and similar signs will usually require a permit. 

If you’re using a stand banner, make sure you are getting a secure, weighted base that will stand up to wind, but that isn’t so heavy you can’t transport it easily. Think about your design and how it will look at the type of banner you’re considering. Would your logo be better placed on a vertical vs. a horizontal style sign? Are you adding any text? 

Materials Matter 

Last but not least, consider the material your banner is made from, and the finish. If you’re buying a banner for outdoor use, make sure it has some weatherproofing and can stand up the elements. This will save you money in the long run. When choosing a finish, a good rule of thumb is indoor banners usually look best in a matte finish, while a semi-gloss laminated finish tends to look better for outdoor use. With indoor banners, you can get a bit more creative and instead of being limited to vinyl, you may want canvas, polyester or cloth. 

Look up other businesses that are similar to yours and check out their banners for inspiration. If you see something you like, you can probably easily find it in our online store. 

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