How to Celebrate Earth Day 2020 Amid Social Distancing During COVID-19

Usually, spring brings along so many reasons for everyone to move out of our homes. Right from taking your business outdoors to attending plant sales, food fests, book readings, educational workshops, to so much more. It’s not the same this time around. Spring 2020 has not turned out to be as imagined because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. While this pandemic has taken a toll on the entire globe. But as they say, “The show must go on”. There’s a lot we can do for ourselves and our businesses even while sitting at home. We can still celebrate every special day on the calendar with a few little twists that include our homes. 

With Earth Day approaching, here’s helping you with a few quick tips on how to celebrate Earth Day 2020 while you are stuck at home during COVID-19. April 22nd on the calendar will mark the 50th Earth Day this year. You must use this as a milestone to give thanks to Mother Earth. And all the extra time at home is just an added advantage!

  • Gardening is the very first word that pops up as soon as we talk about earth day. And why not! Build a home garden in your backyard, go organic by planting some veggies, add those native plants to your garden. Don’t hesitate from digging those hands in the soil because it’s a great therapy for the mind and soul.
  • Pile Composting is another activity to indulge in to celebrate Earth Day 2020 during COVID-19. Start composting your food waste and use it as a fertilizer once it’s completely decomposed. This way you are not just doing something just for one particular day. You are doing something that will pay off even in the near future.
  • Find a perfect time when the neighborhood is quiet and the streets are empty. Take a long stroll to appreciate nature in its full glory. Collecting debris on your way back home will be an even fabulous way to do your bit this time around Earth Day.
  • Read a book about the environment and learn new ways to protect it at a personal level, not just for one day but round the year.
  • Pick a nature-friendly activity and make it a habit to follow throughout the year. Even the simplest changes at everyone’s end can make a huge difference- like taking the sub ride rather than driving your car every day to work or just walking to your workplace or motivating even a single person to do something good for the planet. You could choose anything that suits you.

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