How Retailers Can Boost Business During Halloween

We all know that Christmas is a busy time for retail stores, but Halloween is also a great time to interact with your customers and increase sales. 

Here is some fun Halloween marketing ideas for your business to take advantage of that will be sure to BOOst your revenue!

Host a Family Event.

If appropriate for your business type, invite families to your store for a Fall or Halloween themed open house event. This could be as simple as a pumpkin painting table for kids or a full out Fall-themed bash with games, prizes, and a tiny hay maze for tots.

Families love free events and once they are in your store they’ll shop and spend money. This is a great way for new customers to learn about your business and to encourage long-time customers to invite their friends to your event. 

Be sure to advertise your event with flyers, signage, and social media. Sending out invites to regular customers is also a great idea! If you’re on a busy road, having some eye-catching promotional items on display during the event is a great way to grab the attention of those passing by. 

Hand Out Candy.

Get in on the Trick-or-Treating trend! This works especially well if you are part of a string of stores or a shopping mall. If other stores get involved, it will boost business for everyone. Kids go door to door getting candy and parents learn about your business.

If you have a large business with a lot of employees, a Trunk or Treat is a great way to talk to new customers. Have employees position cars around your lot handing out candy from their trunks. Be sure to have information out about your business so that customers know who is sponsoring this neighborhood event.  

Dress up your store

Decorate the store for Halloween. A few pumpkins on the entryway or spooking up your storefront window can go a long way to bring in business. Post a photo of your decorations on your businesses social media for an added boost. 

Dress up staff

You’ve dressed up the store and you want to take it an extra step further. Have staff dress up and take some silly photos for social media. While you’re posting, be sure to mention any specials. 

As an extra bonus, you could have a costume contest within your workplace or do a group costume for the office to boost office morale. Costumes humanize the face of your business – literally! It shows your business cares about family values and fun within the community. 

Promote Seasonal Items.

Even if you don’t sell actual Halloween themed items, there may be items that you typically sell year-round but that folks need last minutes for Halloween, like face paint, dry ice, hot glue, or tea lights for their Jack-O-Lanterns. When you send out ads or posts on social media, be sure to mention these items. Keep them close to the checkout counter so customers coming in for other items will notice them and grab on their way out. 

Adding a few Halloween items to your store that customers usually grab last minute such as pumpkin carving kits or Trick-or-Treat bags (you can even add your logo) can be a great way to get people to stop in. Promote these items during your Halloween bash!

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