How Are Companies Advertising in 2020?

Advertising has evolved enormously over the years, and a lot has changed since the Mad Men era of traditional ad agencies. That doesn’t mean traditional ad agencies are a thing of the past, because they still exist and serve a purpose. But in 2020, old school style ads like print ads, billboards, and even TV have had to take a step aside to make room for more progressive advertising solutions.

Here is a look at some of the latest trends in modern advertising, as well as the traditional styles even Don Draper would be proud of.

Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising includes any type of ad you see online, from banner ads to placed advertorials in the form of articles. Many companies use Google AdSense to monetize their ads, and social media ad placement has recently become even more significant than website ads, as many advertisers vie for influencers’ attention to market their brand.

This category also includes the all-powerful mobile advertising, as brands compete for social media followers and paid ads via apps people mostly use on their iphones.

Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are prime advertising spaces in today’s ad world, and more social media apps like Tik Tok are popping up every day.

Print Advertising
Print advertising includes any form of print such as magazines, newspapers, flyers, leaflets, banners, billboards and brochures. While other forms of advertising like digital and broadcast compete with print for advertising budgets, the print ad is here to stay. With premium-quality printing options available in today’s market, there’s nothing like seeing your brand’s name on full-color glossy pages you can hold in your hands.

Broadcast Advertising
Broadcast is radio and television advertising, and now, podcast advertising as well. Advertisers pay premium prices for TV slots, especially during the Super Bowl. TV advertising is by far the most expensive, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Podcasts have recently begun to compete with traditional radio broadcasting as the industry is moving toward social influencers and podcast hosts to read their ads much in the same way ads are read on the radio.

Product Placement
This is the most stealthy way a brand can advertise its products without actually advertising at all. A company will pay a TV show, for example, to show its product as an organic part of the show itself, influencing consumers to buy the product without selling to them outright. Product placement can cost s pretty penny if featured on a prominent show, and some brands place products on web series as well.

Which advertising solution is right for your business?

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