These Are The Hottest Startups In 2020

Are you an entrepreneur looking to get in on the ground level with some of the trendiest startups this year? Perhaps you’re a consumer simply looking to try out the trendiest programs of the year. Either way, we’ve helped you out by compiling this list of the top 10 projected hottest startups of 2020.

Doist – Doist is the first recreational marijuana company to make LinkedIns ‘Most Sought After Startups’ list. Doist is a wellness company with a marijuana-friendly modern twist. They assist their customers in learning how to use dose controlled cannabis to manage their health.

Fairfly – Fairfly assists both consumers and companies by monitoring prices on airline tickets and letting consumers know the optimum booking time. Their work is now done globally and through many currencies.

GuestReady – GuestReady offers an array of services to assist the business end of managing a rental property. They go beyond what companies such as AirBnB do by offering more practical solutions like cleaning services to their property owners.

Brex – Brex is a startup to help other startups. They offer financial services based off of funding support instead of business credit. They can approve your startup for funding instantly online. Brex is powered through the Mastercard network and can provide credit limits up to 5 million dollars.

Nuro – Nuro is a robotics company that is currently working on getting automated delivery pods on the road. They are based in California and want to bring the benefits of robotics into everyday life.

Instacart – Does anyone actually like grocery shopping? No, but it is necessary. You can’t eat take out every day. Grocery delivery companies such as Instacart are offering delivery for membership prices of a mere $15 a month. That’s hard to beat. If you spend 8 hours a month grocery shopping, that’s certainly worth $15.

On top of the monthly fee, these companies typically have a small price hike up per item as well. Try it out and add up the difference to see if it works for you!

Coinbase – We’ve all heard the horror stories about folks losing millions in bitcoins. Coinbase prevents that from happening by allowing their users to store all of their currencies ( including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin ) in one place. It’s based in the US but now available in over 30 countries.

Bumble – Bumble is a dating app that takes a new spin on things – all interactions must be initiated by the female user. Bumble is expected to have tremendous job growth in 2020.

Toast – Toast is a cloud-based restaurant software based in Boston, Massachusetts. They provided an Android operating point of sale system. They help restaurants improve operations and create a better customer service experience.

Lyft – Uber may have started the upgraded taxi game, but Lyft has improved it. Lyft provides better prices for its customers and better work conditions for their employees making it an easy choice if it boils down to deciding which company to use.

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