Coffee Buzz Meets BannerBuzz

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. Americans love this morning staple so much that we have invented countless ways to roast, grind, brew, and enjoy it. Every day it seems as if there are more and more products and strategies to market for the country’s favorite caffeinated beverage. But while big coffee franchises like Starbucks may have the advertising capability to reach millions via social media and print ads, what about local coffee shops and bean roasters that are working on a much smaller scale? If you own a coffee company of any kind, here are a few creative ways to get some buzz going about your beans. Coffee buzz meets BannerBuzz!

What You Serve, How You Serve It

The first order of business should be to ensure that your product offerings are of the highest quality. Whether you are a small-time roaster, a coffee shop buying from a roasting company, or a retail store with a coffee section, don’t settle. Half of your marketing is what you sell, and word of mouth still plays a huge role in marketing your product to consumers.

The second key factor is providing excellent service. This is obviously for coffee shop owners, where customers come to have a cup or three of coffee and also hang out for a while. You want them to stay, obviously, because when they stay they buy more. The best way to keep customers around and coming back is to offer services like free wifi, an area for pets if possible, and most importantly, convenient parking! Sell snacks, bagged coffee, customized coffee mugs with your logo, and other retail tchotchkes to create a feeling of belonging. Customizable banners or window decals can advertise new blends, drink or seasonal specials, and your free wifi and other special features to a passerby; no targeted ad campaign needed.

Target Your Demographic

There’s no excuse these days for not taking advantage of social media and Google to reach potential customers. This is where food and beverage brands have the opportunity to create a curated brand image and advertise at a very low cost. Utilize Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and see how your competitors are using these tools. Don’t let them get ahead of you when online advertising is so easy!

Embrace the Face to Face

Not all of our customer connections are made online, even if it feels that way sometimes. If you are the owner of a brick and mortar, you get a lot of face time with your clientele. Get to know them, understand their preferences and habits. If you know your customer base skews to the younger crowd, make sure your advertising reflects that with colorful banners and witty signs. Are your customers more mature? Stick with more informative advertising via pamphlets and handouts. No matter the demographic, listening to the opinions of your customers and catering to their needs will turn an average coffee shop into a beloved community institution.

Give your coffee shop the boost it needs by investing in physical advertising that engages with your existing customer base and draws in prospective new clients. Its low cost makes it affordable for any size establishment and studies show this type of advertising significantly affects overall sales, sometimes as much as 10-15%. They spruce up your store, make it feel more like a neighborhood hangout, and gives your customers the feeling they’re in a place where everybody knows their name.

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