Window Decals (Opaque)

Window Decals (Opaque)

  • Durable materials make the stickers long-lasting.
  • High quality printing produces sharp images.
  • Customization options are available to suit your needs.
  • Eco-solvent printing uses biodegradable inks.
  • A squeegee simplifies the installation process.

Keep Customers Informed on Important Information Using Window Decals

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Window Decals

If you run a business, interacting with clients can help you run promotions effectively, send out safety messages, and strengthen customer relationships. Use unique approaches that capture people's attention to ensure better engagement. Using window decals, turn your windows into a creative ad space where you can communicate with clients.

Custom window decals comprise a 250-micron thick vinyl material with a 130 GSM and a 100-micron monomeric vinyl film. The stickers are durable and long-lasting. You can use them indoors and outdoors for greater savings on your ad spend.

We print the opaque window decals at 720 DPI resolution to ensure sharp graphics. People can clearly see the message even from a distance. Full color printing, featuring a wide range of hues, produces colorful visuals that grab the attention of onlookers.

BannerBuzz allows you to customize your vinyl window decals to meet your specific demands. Choose any size you desire, and for a longer print life, choose lamination and UV printing. Upload your own designs, or if you don't have any, use the design tool, or hire a designer to help you. A Pantone (PMS) Color Match option is available for color consistency.

Custom Window Decals are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

The opaque window decals are easy to apply with a simple peel and stick method. We supply a squeegee applicator tool to help you remove air bubbles and flatten irregular sections during installation, giving your stickers a professional appearance. The tool provides easy handling and pressure control, making the application process straightforward.

We use an eco-solvent printing method that doesn't emit solvents into the atmosphere and uses non-toxic inks. These vinyl window decals are eco-friendly to help reduce your carbon impact and allow your company to fulfill its social obligations.

Order Window Decals in Bulk to Get Discounts

Regardless of the size of your business, order custom window decals based on your budget and requirements. Discounts increase with order size, in a range from 2 to over 500 units to help you stay on track with your budget.

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