7 Ways to Keep Your Customers Cool This Summer

As the days get hotter, summers are turning progressively unbearable. As a result, businesses must seek out ways to make their workplaces cool and comfortable. A move in this direction not only makes the working environment pleasant for employees, but also improves the customer experience. 

At a time when businesses are battling it out to retain customer loyalty, every bit counts – including the convenience that you offer. Here are seven tips you can follow to keep your customers cool this summer:

Carry Out HVAC Maintenance

Since your air conditioning unit will be in full blast this season, ensure that it is up to the task in the first place. Even before summer sets in, schedule an appointment with a technician to inspect your HVAC system. Planning in advance is especially important at a time before these professionals will be heavily in demand, when getting hold of one can get difficult. 

In addition to such routine maintenance activities by professionals, you can follow a schedule for replacing filters, cleaning air conditioners, etc. Having compliance signs that dictate the string of actions could be an excellent way to stay on track and on time.

Keep the Air Moving

Proper ventilation can take the pressure off of your HVAC system. In fact, air currents can decrease the perceived temperature significantly. Rather than depending solely on the air conditioner, make use of desk fans, ceiling fans, and portable ACs for air circulation. The resulting air stream will make your customers feel cooler.

If you find yourself in the midst of a hot, dry summer, you can prop open a window or two and turn on the evaporative coolers to get a pleasant cross-breeze flowing. Such a setup will counter the hot winds and turn them to your favor.

Install Air Curtains to Retain Cool Air

If you wish to create a cool atmosphere, then air curtains would be instrumental to achieving this goal. These air curtains will create a natural barrier by jetting a steady stream of air at the door to keep the heat out and the cold air in.

As a result, it helps create a controlled environment with regulated temperatures. However, putting your money in an air curtain may feel like a splurge. In this case, you can use PVC curtain strips to maintain a similar degree of separation. These are readily available, and you can use them along with stands and displays to create multiple pockets to keep cool without having to break the bank.

Strategize Which Areas to Cool

As seen already, the cooling requirements of your business are not equal. Certain high-traffic areas would be in need of greater attention, while others can make do with fans and open windows. As such, the wise thing to do would be cooling rooms or sections that are widely in use.

Alternatively, you can install automated or sensor-based thermostats that will do this job based on a schedule, prevailing weather conditions, or the number of individuals present!

Identify and Isolate Heat Sources

Your window display and similar transparent entryways would be a leading source of heat, one that creates a greenhouse effect. To counter this, you can shield these areas with promotional materials, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Alternatively, you can invest in blackout curtains and shades.

Apart from this obvious source, you can consider other culprits, such as light bulbs (especially the dated filament ones), heavy machinery, and office equipment, which may also be producing heat. Devise strategies to expel the heat, like using a heat sink or an exhaust fan.

Find and Plug Air Leaks

All these efforts to keep your customers cool in the summer will go in vain if you fail to plug in air leakages. The drafty cracks or gaps in your window or door frames will also admit hot air and let cool air escape – effectively rendering all techniques useless. Find such spots and seal them shut with caulk or weather strips so that your business can be an ecosystem of its own.

Weather-Proof Your Building

Albeit pricey, weatherizing your building can be an excellent way to keep customers cool without impacting your energy bill. If your place is in dire need of repairs or renovation, you could chip in a little more to invest in weather-proof elements such as cool roofs, air ducts, etc.

Painting your building in a light shade that reflects the sun’s rays can be a cheaper alternative that also grants your business a much-needed facelift. Finally, you can plant a few trees around your building for natural shade and prevent the walls from overheating.

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