5 Uses for Floor Decals

Most businesses would not hesitate when it comes to investing in marketing assets like step and repeats, flags, and posters. After all, their impact has been well documented through market studies and personal experiences. However, very few would put the thought and effort into truly maximizing value and capitalizing on goals offered by them. Unfortunately, it’s a science that not many have mastered.

While the use of everyday marketing materials is largely intuitive, businesses find it tougher to work with off-beat items like decals and backgrounds. If you find yourself in a similar rut, you have come to the right spot! Here, we will be discussing five effective uses that make the most of floor decals. 

To Grab Attention

Customers are often bombarded with excessive ads in their line of sight. As a result, they tend to turn a blind eye and tune out such visual clutter. However, with floor decals, you get the unique opportunity to catch the audience by surprise. Floor decals push your business message right under your audience’s noses, quite literally, and help you stand out from the noise. 

If you play your cards right, the combination of color, design, and typography will further elevate its effect in capturing the audience’s attention. Utilize floor decals as an opportunity to be seen in off-beat locations such as stairways, elevators, checkout lines, lobbies, etc., and you will notice their impact.

To Offer Directions

One of the most practical and widespread uses of floor decals has been directing customers or visitors. You may have already seen them when businesses wish to:

  • Direct from public places to a store or department
  • Lay out a floor plan in a temporary or permanent capacity
  • Navigate customers to the most popular products or categories
  • Manage crowds and prevent bottlenecks
  • Label entrance and exit ways
  • Inform visitors about newer wings or product lines

In recent times, we have seen how directional floor decals have been instrumental in maintaining health and safety. Given such examples, it is clear that you can use them in versatile ways to eliminate confusion, offer standing instructions, and demystify pathways. Your establishment would be more visitor-friendly and allow them to benefit from self-servicing rather than seeking assistance elsewhere.

To Add a Dash of Creativity

If you are looking to try your hand at creative marketing, there is no better way to test it out than through floor decals. Weave in some vibrant colors, large letterings, and an engaging message, and you have the recipe for the perfect ad. But here’s the thing – everyone’s trying it. So, why not go bigger with this approach?

Try humorous messages, optical illusions, clever way finders, and custom flooring that will revamp the complete look and feel of your business. Each of these tactics will leave a unique imprint on the viewer. For instance, a witty or funny message will put a smile on any onlooker’s face and make your business appear human and approachable. Use this opportunity to breathe life into your advertising.

To Build Your Brand

If you wish to grow your brand, you need to stay consistent – more specifically, you need to be visually consistent. Against this background, floor decals can be an excellent way to impress your brand identity and make a home in your customer’s minds. A recurring brand logo or tagline, among marketing tools like decals and banner stands, will make you more memorable and improve brand recall. 

If customers come across your visual assets in the wild, they will immediately make the connection and relate it to your company. Plus, as a visual medium, floor decals can be a great way to convey your brand voice and personality through copywritten content or graphics. Are you fun, funky, and approachable? Or are you a no-nonsense authority? You can convey it all through floor decals!

To Harvest an Impressive ROI

All marketing assets yield impressive ROI, provided you know how to use them. However, floor decals truly stand out in this respect for various reasons. For starters, floor decals are cost-efficient and accessible. You will get a variety of options to meet your business requirements. Plus, they are extremely durable, which means they offer long-term value.

At the same time, we have already seen how they are highly versatile and can support organizational goals. They are also space-saving, as they do not require a dedicated spot (or additional accessories) to get the job done. Through a culmination of these qualities, it is evident that floor decals offer a higher ROI than other marketing assets without trading efficacy.

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