5 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Advertising Looking Great This Winter

As the holiday season approaches, brands actively try to promote their products and services in the most effective ways possible. When it comes to attracting audience attention and grabbing potential business opportunities, outdoor advertising plays a major role in that promotion. Taking your brand’s message outdoors is a great way to promote your business and drive foot traffic with minimal start-up costs.  

Read on to know more about ways you can keep your outdoor advertising in the best shape this winter season.

Materials Matter

Choosing the right materials will directly influence the longevity of your outdoor signage. Outdoor advertising products, like flags, banners, and decals play a key role in attracting new business to your store. However, if your materials look worn or tattered, this material misstep could negatively impact your brand image.  

You could have the most  appealing, informative, or eye-catching signage, but it won’t serve its purpose if it can’t stand up to the outdoor elements. Choose products made from these materials next time you purchase outdoor marketing products:

  • PVC Flex Material: This vinyl material can withstand harsh outdoor elements and it’s UV resistant making it a great option for year-round advertising.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight yet sturdy frames and accessories help you easily transport and adjust your gs, and banner stands. 
  • Premium Fabrics with Dye Sublimation Printing: Choose weather-resistant fabrics with vibrant, fade-resistant inks for long-lasting marketing. 

Shine A Light

For brands that want to keep their outdoor advertising looking great 24-7, consider adding light to your outdoor products. The sun sets earlier in the winter-typically around the same time motorists are commuting home. If you don’t enhance your brand message with lighting, your target market will likely miss it. 

It’s important to make use of bright backlight systems, LED displays, or other forms of lighting to ensure that ads, banners, flags, and decals are clearly visible at all times. Using bright lighting also helps your ads to pop even more and capture the attention of your audience. 

The idea here is to maintain the quality of your outdoor advertising, as it resonates with the overall image of the brand. This is why it’s important that all your outdoor advertisements, including banners, are visible, bright, and properly maintained during the winter months. 

Wind-Proof Installation

Any outdoor advertising is incomplete without windproof banner installation. Banners are the cheapest yet most efficient means of promoting your business outdoors. Wind-proofing your exterior banners with proper accessories and installation techniques will keep them visible all season long. 

If you choose banner stands or feather flags, you can use sandbags, zip ties, and bungee cords to secure your items in place. Here are some additional tips to prevent your banners from blowing away in the wind:

  • Start with a sturdy base, so choose a banner stand made for outdoor elements.
  • Place metal rings in the ground,  and use rope to secure your banners in place.
  • Opt for banners with wind slits to prevent wind gusts from overstretching or tearing the material. 
  • Reinforce exterior hanging banners with clamps, ropes, and zip ties to prevent damage to your signage or injuries. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of your display items, including banners, LED lighting, and flags, is an important aspect of keeping your outdoor advertising pristine. If dust, dirt, and weather damage gather on your materials, you will not get the longevity out of your items that you could have if you maintained these products.Follow these steps to keep your items looking great:

  • Regularly remove build up of rain, snow or dirt from material’s surface.
  • Clean your items only with approved products. 
  • Remove excess moisture with soft cloth towels. 
  • Routinely check your products for rips, tears, or loose brackets. 

Storing Your Items

Properly storing your items prevents damage and wear so your banners, flags, and canopies look great for years to come. When you need to store your items for the season, start by disassembling your products. When you take apart your marketing materials, be sure to have a plastic bag or box to put accessories like screws, ropes, and clamps. 

Following the installation and deconstruction instructions for each product, fold your items and place them in air-tight storage containers or provided transport bags. You can keep these containers and bags in your stock room or a storage room. Just make sure your items aren’t exposed to direct sunlight or weather. 

Seize the Season

Outdoor advertising is a powerful way to drive higher sales conversions. However, your items must be fit for the outdoors to produce the desired effect. Proper material choice, seasonal display considerations, and correct maintenance and storage will keep your items pristine and produce a greater return on investment. 

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