Bilingual OSHA High Voltage Decal (Non Reflective)

Bilingual OSHA High Voltage Decal (Non Reflective)


Provide Safety Warnings with High Voltage Danger Signs

  • Vinyl material is durable and tear-resistant.
  • Latex printing is eco-friendly.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive sticks to many materials.
  • Lamination safeguards the surface.
  • Full-color graphics are eye-catching.

Our High Voltage Danger Signs are Sturdy

Equipment or areas of your business with hazardous voltage deserve proper warning signs to keep employees, visitors, and guests safe. That’s why you need danger electrical signs. Our signs offer clear, bilingual communication with people about hazardous areas for OSHA safety compliance.

Vinyl is a strong material that resists tearing. We use weatherproof vinyl to create durable electrical hazard signs that withstand outdoor and indoor conditions.

Our High-Quality Danger Electrical Signs are Long-Lasting

Laminating our caution electrical signs protects the surface against the elements, chemicals, and scratches. This gives our signs a 5-year lifespan.

Eye-catching visuals ensure our high voltage danger signs are highly visible. We use eco-friendly latex printing to deliver full-color graphics. The pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a firm grip that sticks to low surface energy exteriors, sand cast, and moderately rough materials.

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