Bilingual OSHA Elevator Equipment Room Decal (Non Reflective)

Bilingual OSHA Elevator Equipment Room Decal (Non Reflective)


Avoid Accidents with Elevator Equipment Room Signs 

  • We construct the signs using durable vinyl.
  • The adhesive graphic material makes the signs easy to use.
  • Laminating toughens the signs.
  • Latex printing produces high-quality prints.

Get the Durable Elevator Equipment Room Signs

Inform people of designated room for elevator machinery in a facility. The elevator control room signs mark the machine room to keep the people out of danger.

The durable vinyl material of the bilingual signs offers a lasting performance. This reduces need for constant sign replacement.

Choose to Laminate the Adhesive Elevation Control Room Signs

Laminating the signs increases the longevity of the elevation equipment room signs by reducing tears and scratches. The full-color signs last up to five years.

Latex printing enables the production of vibrant colors and clear graphics. The pressure-sensitive adhesive and kraft paper liner make the elevator equipment room signs easy to use and eases installation.

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