Bilingual High Voltage Warning Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

Bilingual High Voltage Warning Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Prevent Electrical Accidents with High Voltage Warning Signs

  • The 3M™ reflective labels offer visibility at night.
  • Weatherproof to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Adhesive backing ensures it sticks tightly to any surface.
  • Laminate offers chemical resistance.
  • Gloss cover facilitates ease of cleaning.

Protect Workers with Durable, High quality, and Customizable High Voltage Warning Signs

Personnel working in high voltage areas suffer the risk of electrocution when exposed to naked cables or sparks. They need warnings to recognize the dangers of their work location. Protect your workers from shock by installing our bilingual signs in dangerous zones. The bilingual signs are highly reflective to offer visibility at night.

Ensure durability with the 40-mil rustproof, 63-mil extra thick, and heavy-duty aluminum danger signs. They can withstand harsh outdoor conditions over time and require little maintenance and replacement, which cuts your overall expenses significantly in the long run.

High-quality graphic material with 3M™ engineering-grade prismatic reflective qualities meet and exceed ASTM D4956 requirements. The coating makes the aluminum signs visible from a distance and highly reflective under different light conditions to capture the attention of your people nearby.

You can easily customize the signs to meet your needs. The high voltage warning signs are customizable with laminate to offer chemical resistance, superior abrasion, and protection from harsh weather. These features minimize frequent replacement of the bilingual signs.

Ensure Longevity with High Voltage Warning Signs

The water-resistant feature prevents damage caused by exposure to moisture for long periods. Our danger signs preserve the quality of the print by preventing water from destroying the print design to increase its lifespan.

Get up to 7 years of service with our indoor and outdoor aluminum signs that feature a laminate for longevity. The laminate allows the signs to withstand extreme weather conditions. Prevent frequent replacements and repairs of these signs.

Ensure Easy Transportation of High Voltage Warning Signs.

Several shipping options, including doorstep delivery, are available for the aluminum signs depending on your urgency and the budget you're managing. Invest in our easy to procure high voltage signs and enjoy safe shipping.

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