Bilingual Elevator Out of Order Decal (EGR Reflective)

Bilingual Elevator Out of Order Decal (EGR Reflective)


Pass Information on About Faulty Lifts with Elevator Out of Order Signs

  • Resistance to chemicals and water extends the longevity of the decals.
  • 3M™ EGR material provides durability to caution signs.
  • Digital printing produces high-quality graphics that are highly visible.
  • Lamination option allows personalization to suit unique business requirements.
  • Pre-printed graphics on our signs make installation easy.

Elevator Out of Order Signs are Durable, High Quality and Customizable

When elevators break down in your local business, employees, clients, and visitors need to know to save time and be safe. Putting up reflective signs alerts everyone to broken lifts and allows uninterrupted repairs. Use our signs to pass information about faulty elevators in your local business to reduce accidents.

3M™ Engineered Grade Prismatic Reflective construction material makes our danger decals strong, allowing prolonged outdoor usage. Enjoy a good return on your investment as you won't need to repurchase the signs regularly.

The digital full-color printing produces high-quality graphics with good lightfastness and sharp contrast, which increases the visibility of our caution signs from a distance. With high resolution, the signs display every detail of your message and are easily distinguishable.

To suit the special requirements of your local business, opt to laminate your elevator out of order signs for further personalization. The added layer of protection prolongs the usefulness of the signs.

Readily Usable Reflective Signs Offer Extended Print Life

Pre-printed graphics make our danger decals ready to use. Simply place them on the chosen surface in a few minutes and ensure that everyone walking into your local business sees the information.

Our caution signs provide a prolonged lifespan tdue to their resistance to water and chemicals. Use our signs for up to 7 years indoors and for a limited length of time outdoors.

Order "Elevator Out of Order" Signs In Bulk to Unlock Discounted Prices

Purchase our elevator out of order signs in quantities ranging from 2 to over 20 to receive a discount. Save more when you order more and fulfill individual requirements of your local business, whether you are a large organization or small.

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