ANSI Warning UV Radiation Decal (Reflective)

ANSI Warning UV Radiation Decal (Reflective)


Encourage Eye Protection Measure with UV Radiation Decals

  • Easy to apply onto surfaces with adhesive backing. 
  • The decals have lamination that increases durability up to 2 years.
  • Full-color latex printing adds vibrant graphics.
  • Engineer Grade Reflective prints offer increased visibility.

UV Radiation Decals are Self Adhesive

Exposure to UV sources without protective measures can damage the eyes. Encourage the use of protective glasses with UV light hazard decals when working with Ultraviolet-based equipment to promote safety and compliance at the workspace.

The UV radiation decals are self-adhesive and can bond with many surfaces, such as sand cast, moderately rough surfaces and some low surface energy materials.

Full-Color UV Light Hazard Decals

These radiation danger decals have full-color print and they attract passersby' attention for maximum coverage.

Lamination prolongs the durability of these decals for two years. Easily install them on many surfaces with the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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