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Custom Advertising Flags

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Displaying bright, attractive, custom outdoor flags is a great way to spread the word about your business without taking up too much space near the storefront. BannerBuzz outdoor banner flags are also travel-friendly for trade shows and outdoor events and are always made with high quality materials.

Use Outdoor Flags Instead of Employees Outside

Your employees and the skills they bring to your team are valuable – why waste those skills having employees standing outside for hours holding a sign? Trying to catch the attention of onlookers from the side of the road? Instead of having a person stand outside of your storefront with a homemade sign, consider using custom outdoor flags from BannerBuzz!

Unlike other banners, these feather or teardrop flags sway in the wind. Your business can add its name or logo on both sides of the custom outdoor banner flags, ensuring that people from either side of the road will take a peek at your beautiful signage.

High Quality Outdoor Flags from BannerBuzz

Custom flags are a good way to attract people who are dining al fresco or jogging outside because our high-quality equipment will print eye-catching graphics. Starting at five feet tall, these custom outdoor flags will showcase your brand without taking up too much sidewalk or window space.

Custom flags are a nice change from vinyl banners because they are travel-friendly and easy-to-assemble marketing tools. If you're looking into buying medium or large feather or teardrop flags, you will need a water bag or weight to hold them down against strong winds.

Depending on where your business' storefront is, we offer a cross and spike base. If you're thinking of traveling with the custom outdoor banner flag, perhaps a cross base may be better suited to your needs. Organizations near a courtyard or beach area may find more use out of a spike base.

At BannerBuzz, we allow you to choose from our selection of templates or create your own design for your custom outdoor flags. We know how important it is to get the message out there, which is why we offer one free proof upon request!

Ask about Custom Advertising Flags and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Custom Advertising Flags

Q: Is there a template I can download for the different flag shapes so I can design my own?

A: Yes there is. When you go to the Flag type you want. You will see Download Templates right next to where you choose your flag size. Size (W x H) Download Templates

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Q: Looking for outdoor flag banner. With words "art studio" single sided, feather or teardrop, bright colors?

A: We can provide that product for you.The first thing to do is set the account up and place the order on the site. If you need any assistance placing your order feel free to contact me 1-800-580-4489 ext 69

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Q: What does it mean by single or double fold on the flags?

A: Single fold is a single sided Flag and Dual is a double sided Flag.

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