Pakistan Flag

Pakistan Flag

  • Fabric flags are displayed in the authentic Pakistani color scheme.
  • Four different sizes to choose from to suit your needs.
  • Made of lightweight fabric for easy handling.
  • Ready to use out of the packaging for quick installation.
  • Multiple finish options are available for hanging.

Product Specifications

  • Graphic Material: Knitted Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight: 90 GSM
  • Printing: 1440 DPI, Full Color, Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Single Sided Printing: Single sided flags will show the image on the back side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.
  • Finishing: Additional 3" white fabric on selected side for pole pocket. Grommet will be placed in the given size.
  • Finish size may have +/-1"" variation.

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The default single sided printing option has printing on one side of the flag with its mirror image on the back side with 50-60% visibility.

Hanging Options

Square Base

Pole Pocket

A pole pocket is a pole sleeve where a pole or a rod can slide into. It is created by folding and sealing approximately 3" extra material outside the actual flag size towards the back of the flag. You can choose the position of pole pockets at the top or the left side of the flag as per your requirements.

Square Base

Metal Grommets

Made from heavy duty brass, these rustproof grommets are set in place onto a punched hole creating a secure and strong edge. Use them in conjunction with a rope, ties, bungee cords, or other tie-down options. You can choose the position of grommets at the top or the left side of the flag as per your requirements.

Graphic Care Instructions

  • Polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabrics are normally safe to wash in a machine.
  • Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle with warm water.
  • Add mild liquid laundry detergent to the wash water.
  • You can also hand wash the flag with a mild liquid detergent made for delicate items. Frequent use of washing machine for cleaning flag may harm knitting of the fabric.

NOTE: We offer only graphic for the flag. No hardware comes with this product

Shop for Custom Pakistan Flags to Represent Your Country

When you own a home or business, you may want to show your passion for the nation of Pakistan, whether to demonstrate cultural support or to make visitors feel at home. To address this, you can hang national flags indoors or outdoors for your guests. By hanging custom Pakistan flags, you create a simple and noticeable way to honor the south Asian country.

Our Pakistani house flags feature a dark green background with a white stripe, star, and moon. On the back, the fabric shows the design in reverse with 50 to 60% visibility. The high-quality Pakistan flag printing endow the flags with the right shade of green that won't fade over time, even with outdoor exposure. Dye sublimation printing at 1440 DPI resolution ensures guests will easily identify the flags and know the country associated with them.

There are many customization options to consider for fabric flags. Choose a finish option based on how you plan to hang them, whether with metal grommets or three-inch pole pockets. You can also decide if you want them placed on the left or top side of the fabric. There are four different sizes to pick from. With all these options to consider, you can order flags that are compatible with any setup.

Pakistan flags consist of a lightweight fabric, which is easy to transport and store as needed. If you want to hang the flags in another location, their portability makes this simple. Each versatile and reusable flag can add value to your bottom line for a greater return on investment.

Your house flags will arrive at your doorstep with the finishing options already installed and graphics printed on the fabric. All you need to do is to fasten the flag to your chosen hardware. This convenience allows your flag to be hung in minutes, ready for the next business day or any special occasion.

Fabric flags are easy to clean and maintain. You can wash them by hand with water and mild liquid detergent. Alternatively, a washing machine can also clean your flags effectively on the gentle setting. Being low maintenance, the Pakistan banners represent savings in both time and resources.

If you need numerous national flags, order with our bulk discount, which applies to quantities from 2 to 500. As you include more than one flag in your order, the price goes down, allowing you to reduce costs as you meet your need for multiple flags. Regardless of the size of your business, our discount makes it easy to purchase within a set budget and save on ad spend.

Buy Pakistan Flags for your business online at BannerBuzz. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.

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