Yellow Inflatable Tube Man


Say hello to all potential customers with Yellow inflatable tube man

Bright Yellow is the color of attraction and prosperity, and when combined with black color, creates a combination of colors that is clearly readable and easy to see from a far distance. That’s the reason why most of the school buses, taxi cabs, and traffic signals are colored in yellow and black. Bannerbuzz has a quick eye for the colors of inflatables that attract people more intensely such as red, black, yellow, green, orange, pink, etc. But the bold and brilliant combination of yellow and black has the potential to do wonders when it comes to advertising businesses with solid color inflatable tube men. We are a leading supplier of stands and displays with a reputation in constructing multi-size, multipurpose inflatable tube men for various outdoor commercials. They come in with regular and waterproof air blowers depending on your marketing specifics to help your advertising inflatables come to life in minutes. The graphic material we use in our yellow inflatable tube man is highly durable polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin for the upper body, and 600D/PVC Nylon at the bottom. They are light but durable and hand washable. The added tarpaulin offers a more flexible look to your inflatables while strengthening its outer fabric for protection against harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and tears. Hence, the inflatables last for years to come and ensures a constant return on investment.

Make every occasion cheerful with multi-size inflatables

At Bannerbuzz, our efforts are focused upon employing a fusion of multiple colors to create a mammoth figure of your brands and products. You can have them installed outside a storefront, gas stations, wackily waving at customers passing by. At other occasions such as festivals, trade shows, concerts, sales exhibition and events, dancing in the crowd, entertaining kids, and really pumping up the celebrations. We only use dye sublimation printing method to upscale the overall look and feel of your inflatable tube men. They are available in three standard sizes depending on your specific marketing needs. The inflatables with the height of 6 ft. and 10 ft. when inflated are the perfect choice for roadshows and retail shop advertisement, as they are barely taller than a man’s average height, which makes it visible to all from a limited distance. Whereas, mammoth inflatables with a height of 20 ft. when inflated are hard to miss even for people passing by from a greater distance. That’s why they installed at gas stations in an open area where they are visible from all directions. The diameter of air blowers for each of them are of 9”/12”/18” in size, depending on the height of your inflatables.

They are hand washable using cold water and mild detergent in a front washing machine. Try not to dry it in machine dryer, instead hang it by a rope. You can use your imagination to create inflatables that match your specific needs.