White Paper Shopping Bags

White Paper Shopping Bags


Heavy-Duty White Paper Shopping Bags Are Versatile

  • Manufactured from 130 GSM Kraft Paper.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • The interior and exterior of the bag come in white color.
  • Paper made handles come in white color.
  • Ideal for groceries, vegetables, restaurants, shopping etc.

Quickly Package Multiple Purchases in these Durable White Paper Shopping Bags

White paper shopping bags are especially useful when planning vacations to hill stations or sea shores where plastic bags are prohibited. In addition, it is perfect for home bakers and other small-scale entrepreneurs who run their businesses from the comfort of their own homes and need a solution to pack their goods neatly and affordably.

Being made from eco-friendly 130 GSM Kraft Paper, the paper bags are durable, biodegradable, and good for a variety of purposes. Both the interior and exterior of the paper bag are white in color. The handles are made of sturdy white colored paper.

Unprinted bags serve as a blank canvas so you can decorate them with stickers, markers, paint, stamps, and much more. With the robust paper handle, you can easily carry your purchases, whether they be groceries, gifts, sweets, or anything else, from the store to your home.

Custom White Paper Bags are Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

You may get these custom white paper bags in sizes ranging from small to large. Wrap gifts in them, use them to transport leftovers from a restaurant, or use them as party favors. Chocolates, candles, and other self-care items are great to include as party favors or as gifts. White paper shopping bags are durable so you can reuse them many times over.

White Paper Shopping Bags with Handles for all Party Needs

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