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Wash your Hands Business Flyers

Please Wash your Hands Business Flyers (Non folded)
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Please Wash your Hands Business Flyers (Non folded)
3.5 Inch x 8.5 Inch Starts at $7.55
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Encourage Health Protocols With Reliable 'Wash Your Hands' Flyers

Multiple Paper Options for Glossy and Matte Business Flyers

The distribution of informative flyers happens at business conventions and trade shows. These papers contain details of a new company or a new product to draw support from customers. In times of global health crises, business owners have resorted to using flyers to share facts about the disease and promote health protocols, such as frequent hand-washing. To catch the attention of the public, we offer glossy and matte flyers printed on different options of high-quality cardstock. The paper materials come from sustainable sources, containing 10% recycled content. Some of the paper options even allow writing additional information using ballpoint pens.

Various Sizes Offered for Durable 'Wash Your Hands' Flyers

Our non-folded flyers come in multiple paper choices, allowing businesses to choose leaflets that match their requirements. High-quality thick paper, including 90- and 100-pound stock, works best for brochures and flyers, making them sturdy enough for long-term use. We offer three professionally designed graphics that remind people of all ages to wash their hands, using illustrations of step-by-step proper handwashing instructions. Available in six standard sizes starting at 3.5 x 8.5 inches, our printed flyers give options on how small or big you need the graphics. Large-sized flyers have more noticeable words, making them easily readable. 

Double-sided Pandemic Awareness Flyers in Practical Quantities

Flyers present a sensible method of circulating information on preventing airborne diseases. When situations discourage personal contact, place a stack of educational leaflets near a building's entrance or at the reception area. This gives people a sense of safety that they are not in close contact with an infected individual. Choose to print on the front and the back of the cardstock to make sure that important messages get across. We offer our printed flyers in convenient packs, starting at 50 pieces. Impart effective ways of preventing the spread of an illness by distributing enough flyers.