Folded Business Flyers


Key Features

  • Quality Material: Includes 100 lb. Paper Gloss/Matte, 10 pt. Cardstock, and 90 lb. Paper Uncoated
  • Vibrant Printing: High-quality process ensures your flyers stand out with full-color vibrancy
  • Customize with Ease: Select size, sides, and fold style with our tool for easy design personalization
  • Design Assistance: Use creative templates or upload artwork with expert designer help available
  • Flexible Quantities: Various pack sizes from 50 to 5000 units for campaigns of any size
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Renewable resources for sustainable marketing

Product Overview

Showcase Your Brand with Vibrant and Versatile Folded Business Flyers

In the bustling marketplace, your brand deserves to be noticed. With our folded business flyers, make a statement that resonates with your audience. Crafted using a top-tier printing process, these flyers boast full-color vibrancy that demands attention. Our selection of business flyers includes a variety of paper types to cater to different preferences.

The 100 lb. Paper Gloss is a durable and bright paper featuring a glossy surface, perfect for oil-based ink ballpoint pens and permanent markers. If you're looking for a less shiny option, the 100 lb. Paper Matte offers a solid, matte finish that's easier to write on, also compatible with the same types of pens and markers.

The 10 pt. Cardstock Matte presents a refined, lightweight choice with a matte finish that doesn't reflect light, but it does require scoring before it can be folded. It works well with oil-based ink ballpoint pens and permanent markers. The 90 lb. Paper Uncoated is our environmentally friendly option, boasting superior writability and printability. It's made from renewable resources and is uncoated to provide a natural texture. Each flyer is designed for durability, offering a precise +/- 3mm product margin for impeccable display.

Personalize business flyers with ease right at your fingertip

Unlock customization for your brand with our diverse options, now including half fold and tri-fold designs for precise alignment with your vision. Choose your size, printing sides, and dive into customization with our online tool. Use our creative folded business flyer templates or upload your design, and if needed, hire a designer for expert assistance.

With options to select paper types, fold styles, and pack sizes (offering from 50 to 5000 units per pack), creating personalized folded business flyers tailored to your campaign is straightforward and efficient.

Eco-Friendly Flyers Delivered Your Way: Sustainable and Hassle-Free

Our commitment extends beyond just providing premium promotional materials; it's about doing so responsibly. Opting for our eco-friendly custom folded business flyer means fulfilling a dual role-elevating your marketing game while adhering to sustainable practices using recycled materials. Moreover, getting these indispensable tools is hassle-free-with various shipping options tailored around budget and urgency needs right up till doorstep delivery ensuring prompt receipt. Shop now for Folded Business Flyers online and transform how the world sees your brand-one flyer at a time!