Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed Aluminum Sign (Reflective)

Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed Aluminum Sign (Reflective)


Caution Motorists Against Parking with Tow Away Signs

  • Full color printing helps grab attention.
  • Reflective surfaces make the signs easy to see.
  • The signs can last for two years.
  • These signs feature durable aluminum for rust resistance.

Tow Away Signs are Highly Robust

Making traffic rules clear helps motorists understand parking restrictions in your business area. No parking signs inform trespassers that vehicles will get towed if they park in restricted areas. These signs feature durable vinyl material with adhesive and kraft paper liners.

Authorized parking signs can withstand external environmental conditions. They are easy to install and last up to two years.

Premium-Quality No Parking Signs Are Reflective

Full color, latex printing produces high-quality graphics for the tow away signs. The signs stick well to sand casts, moderately rough surfaces and low surface energy materials.

Our reflective aluminum signs draw attention of the passerby’s and can be spotted from afar.

Disclaimer: All signs and banners content on is used for example purposes only. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to contact their local, city, or state government offices to obtain the legal requirements for any and all signs before having their signs printed.