Tall Boxes - Brown (Printed)

Tall Boxes - Brown (Printed)


Tall Corrugated Boxes to Keep Your Products Safe & Secured During Long Hauls

  • Available in single & double wall flute corrugated fiberboard for durability & strength.
  • Consisting high-grade natural brown Kraft paper for an impeccable finish.
  • High level crush resistance with ECT 32 in single walled 4 inch boxes and ECT 34 in double walled 8 inch boxes
  • 100% recyclable & sustainable corrugated box.
  • Printed using screen printing technique for a high level of vibrancy.
  • Available in multiple sizes.

Highly Durable Tall Corrugated Boxes for Shipping & Packaging

As an online business owner, it is critical that your products arrive in perfect condition to your clients; otherwise, your hard work will get wasted. Our tall corrugated shipping boxes are a perfect choice for your solution. Crafted with sturdy material, our tall corrugated box will ensure that your customers get their products as expected.

Engineered with high-grade natural brown Kraft paper with ECT 32# for a single wall and ECT 34# for a double-wall, our box is well-fitted for transporting fragile items in pristine condition. Both these single-wall and double-wall boxes give you the benefit of clamping other boxes on top of them without worrying about their condition.

Available in single and double wall corrugated fiberboard, our tall corrugated boxes offer excellent storage space and cushioning support, and high-level transit protection. Fortified with strong and durable material, our double-wall corrugated boxes are packed with excellent stacking strength. These properties make our tall corrugated shipping boxes reliable and stiff during country mile shipping.

These flexible shipping boxes are available with benefits that make them ideal for packaging even the most delicate products. In addition to having a remarkable performance for all packaging types, our tall shipping boxes are mainly used for shipping irregularly-shaped items, such as shelving, fishing rods, and umbrellas.

Recyclable Tall Corrugated Shipping Boxes Available for Printing

In this age of environmental awareness, every company is looking for a way to protect and sustain the environment. Our corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable, making them an essential part of a company's efforts in contributing to the environment.

One of the best features of our corrugated fiberboard material is its ability to print attractive logos, brand names, etc. We print our tall corrugated boxes using the screen printing technique which offers a high level of vibrancy and superior finish as compared to other materials. Besides the unprecedented design, our corrugated box will look highly professional and does not necessitate additional advertising costs.

Enjoy Personalized Tall Corrugated Boxes with a Dash of Personalization

Looking for some creative ideas to spice up your standard corrugated boxes? Make your box unique and attractive by adding a touch of personality. You can have anything imprinted on your tall corrugated box, from names to logos, pictures, and messages, to make it look distinctive and classy. So, why wait? order now! and receive your personalized tall corrugated box at your doorstep.