Solid Outdoor Umbrella

Solid Outdoor Umbrella


Resilient and Weather Resistant Trendy Market Umbrella

  • Made of 420 Denier oxford polyester with an approximate graphic weight of 325 GSM.
  • The lightweight umbrella is resistant to UV rays, water, and abrasion.
  • The tilting feature allows the umbrella to be tilted up to 35 degrees
  • A vented umbrella ensures airflow and cools down the surface area.
  • Umbrellas are available in multiple colors and should only be washed in warm water.
  • 2-year warranty coverage is applicable on the product.

Exude Opulence with Ultra Weather Protective Octagonal Market Umbrella

Modern and sophisticated architectural designs incorporate indoor and outdoor sitting seamlessly to portray a luxurious lifestyle. Exuberant decks and exclusive outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy the greenery without compromising on your style and comfort. As summer or spring season approaches you would want to step outside and breathe in the fresh air but the harsh sunlight may prove to be a hassle. Use our trendy and UV resistant market umbrella to entertain your guests without facing the glaring sunlight that may result in sunburns.

An octagonal market umbrella is perfect for protecting your guests from detrimental effects of the sun. Crafted with resilient 420 Denier oxford polyester, the fabric is robust and resistant to the ill-effects posed by inclement weather. Designed to specifically avert moderate water damage, abrasion, and excessive UV rays, these umbrellas ensure you do not get caught up in surprise elements of the weather.

Investing in these outdoor accessories may be more useful as permanent solutions may not be an economical choice. The versatile blank polyester umbrella comes with a mounted vent that allows air to escape easily and maintain a cool temperature even under a glaring sun. Vented canopies also facilitate resistance to windy weather thus ensuring sturdiness and safety for your guests.

A tilting option that allows the umbrella to rotate up to 35 degrees makes them the best choice for ultimate protection. Just tilt it to shade yourself and save exposure to sunburns. The base material is made of HDPE with water filling capacity of 15 liters to ensure the umbrella remains stable and does not skid.

Sturdy Octagonal Market Umbrella is Available in Multiple Colors

An umbrella gains its posture and sturdiness through its ribs. We provide 8 ribs in equal 3 feet spacing of 4.5 feet in length that facilitates an unshakable structure that can tolerate inclement weather. Available in multiple shades- white, black, red, blue, green, and cream, the choice may vary according to your requirement.

Our variety in a color palette of blank umbrellas would attract guests to lounge on your patio or poolside as the accessory would easily match your outdoor decor. To assure you of our premium quality, we extend 2-year warranty coverage on the product.

Care Instructions for Your Blank Umbrella

The fabric of the market umbrella is covered with a protective layer therefore we recommend that you do not wash the umbrella in the washing machine or use a strong detergent as it may ruin the fabric. Use warm water to deep clean the accessory, you can use a soft sponge, water, and a non-detergent soap for washing the tent. We suggest you leave the umbrella under the sun for drying, if possible. Do not use the umbrella before it completely dries.