Sneeze Guard For Office

Sneeze Guard For Office


Ensure Your Staff's Health and Security with Sneeze Guards for Offices

  • The sneeze guards feature a premium, clear acrylic construction.
  • We offer 3 size options for you to pick in order to save time.
  • The product features rounded corners and cut elbows for comfort and safety.
  • Our barriers are see-through to make interaction between people easy.
  • Buy several to get a discount and save on costs.

Stay Safe Using Premium, Ready to Use Desk Sneeze Guards

You may wish to take extra measures to keep everyone in your building safe. One handy solution is the use of physical guards to separate desks. We offer office sneeze guards that are suitable for most work spaces you can set up within your business. Our barriers keep your staff and visitors safe so they can keep coming to work.

We use a quality, transparent cast acrylic material, weighing 5550GSM and measuring 5mm thick, when making our portable sneeze guards. The acrylic construction features great durability and can resist breakage so you can use the guards for a long time.

If you need your transparent sneeze guards right away, you can choose one of the 3 different sizes we offer. Save time with our quick and simple purchasing process.

Our tabletop sneeze guards feature blunt corners cut sections for elbows. Your employees can move objects back and forth between the barriers with ease.

Office Sneeze Guards are Transparent and Attractive

These portable sneeze guards feature a transparent design, allowing employees and customers to see and speak to one another easily.

The shiny coat on these transparent sneeze guards provides an attractive appearance with no printed images. You can also use them to add a modern touch to your office.

Get Discounts on Bulk Orders of Desk Sneeze Guards

Place a bulk order of 2 or more tabletop sneeze guards to get a discount while promoting safety measures. You can save on costs while still protecting your staff.

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