Sneeze Guard For Desk


High-Quality and Pre-Defined Desk Sneeze Guards Enhance Safety

Many businesses are presently considering what steps to take to help enhance safety in their facilities. Installing barriers between workstations is a simple, yet effective, method. Tabletop sneeze guards for your work areas are available to purchase and install on your premises. For your employees and visitors, our guards help provide protection from many airborne diseases that are spread from sneezing or coughing.

We use a high-quality, transparent cast acrylic material with a weight of 5550 GSM and a thickness of 5mm. The sturdy materials in the counter sneeze guards have high tensile strength and are tear-resistant, so they will last for a long time.

When you need protection right away, choose from our three standard sizes of transparent sneeze guards. Meet your business requirements and find the optimal fit for desks or counter spaces. For additional convenience of our customers, these guards are also simple to order, which helps you to save time.

The portable sneeze guards have round corners and unobstructive elbow cutouts. These features make it easy to swap items around the guards without the worry of interference or sharp edges.

Improve Security With Acrylic Desk Sneeze Guards

The clear design of the tabletop sneeze guards allows safe verbal communication between employees and customers. For the extra peace of mind, all our products come with warranty.

The counter sneeze guards have a glossy surface that provides an appealing look even with no graphics. They also add to the modern aesthetic of your area.

Desk Sneeze Guards at a Discount

Order 2 or more portable sneeze guards for a reduction in price to save your company money while ensuring the safety of your employees.

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