Smile You Are On Camera Plastic Sign


Buy High-quality Smile You Are on Camera Plastic Sign to Enhance Security and Deter Unwanted Activities 

Boost security and deter potential wrongdoers with Smile You Are on Camera Plastic Sign. Its durable construction, vibrant graphics, and clear message make it an essential tool for maintaining a secure environment. With its prominent message, this sign serves as a clear reminder to anyone within its vicinity that they are under surveillance. 

Long-Lasting Performance: Crafted from durable 65 mil thick plastic, our sign is built to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.  

Adheres Effectively: The graphic features a resilient vinyl material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and Kraft paper liner (3M IJ 3690), allowing it to adhere effectively to sand cast, moderately rough surfaces, and even some low surface energy materials. 

Premium Quality: At a thickness of 100 microns and a GSM of 130, the graphic boasts excellent quality and visibility. It is printed using full-color, latex printing technology, providing vibrant and eye-catching imagery that ensures maximum impact. 

You're on Camera Sign Remains Stable in Extreme Temperatures 

Serving Temperature: With a maximum continuous serving temperature of 175°F, it remains stable even in slightly elevated temperatures. 

Transition Temperature: Additionally, Smile You Are on Camera Plastic Sign is engineered to withstand extreme cold, with a ductile/brittle transition temperature of -65°F. This feature ensures that the sign remains intact and legible even in frigid conditions. 

Smile You Are on Camera Plastic Signs Come with 2 Years Durability 

Durability: This sign offers durability of 2 years, making it ideal for offices, retail stores, and other indoor environments. 

Buy Smile You Are on Camera Plastic Signs today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced surveillance.